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Greetings all... I am Keith... I am here for certain reasons that have thus far convinced my-self that things just are not what they seem to be: I'm sure if you are here visiting us, then likely you feel the same and have found a great place to involve your-self in the solution: Please, if you are still asking how you got into this predicament, realize it has happened to most all of us. That is why we are gathering in these forums to educate ourselves by researching the very questions we ask. We are no longer willing to be singled out for not knowing or differences of beliefs and education or simply not being the same. It is inherent that we glorify our very differences for sake of the very solutions we seek... It is adversity that oft times brings the greatest answers and yet this adversity is our greatest weakness for fear of change. If we are to effect a better tomorrow then we must overcome the fear today...

Please join us in bringing innovative techniques, language and ideas to the table of resolution as we accept all efforts for the betterment of all people:

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Like worded as Breach of Trust and/or Executor de son tort

Usually tortious circumstances but; not always;
Usually Executor de son tort;

Two types of Trusts:

Charitable and Non-Charitable-Purpose:

A trust for 'fluctuating body of private individuals' is not charitable as it does not benefit 'the community.' - Them Bonds(COLB's) are Zero Interest Bonds...
     1. The trust (set up to inform others about abolition of local authority - i.e. those who strive for self governance) had a non-charitable purpose; therefore not charitable.
     2. The beneficiaries number more than a million, and is therefore unworkable.
     3. Because the class of claimants is unascertainable, void as an NCPT.

Thus by reason; a Charitable Trust becomes a not-charitable trust at a certain point and no longer has it's intended trust purpose and by operation should collapse... TRUST FRAUD... FRAUD UPON THE COURT... FRAUD UPON THE PEOPLE... MIXED WAR UPON THE PEOPLE... Clayton Anti-trust Laws...?

However; in IRC v Baddeley - a charitable trust may succeed if it is available to everyone, yet nonetheless taken up by only a few.

But again; by reason however; a trust of any kind can not be forced upon another and this reflects the inherent right of associations as well as egress and ingress... If it is a charitable trust but; it's enforcement is detrimental it too reasons to be a not-charitable purpose.

It is for advancement of citizenship and community development, and promotion of civic responsibility. This may be at odds with case law which says a trust can only be charitable if wholly and exclusively charitable, and not devoted at least partly to political causes.

It is for advancement of human rights, which is a political issue. Yet Mr J Lewison says in Hatchett-Stamford that no charity can be political. Advancement requires political advocacy.

This here again; by reason states people need to work together and that alone lessens the dependence: Education and Knowledge gives Revelations for Wisdom!!! This is natural law!

The discrepency comes in on the last part about political requirement which in fact to my-self is logical and reasonable: It is what protects the trust! Admiralty! Depends on what Armour you wear - is it the full armour of God...? Pure equity in nature...?

Incoming Welsh visitors are a fluctuating body, therefore not a charitable trust because it does not benefit community. Much like traveling Merchants. See; 19 USC 81n and 81o; Entrepot (a stationary Merchant on the Land with natural import and export rights without taxation - just because one dwells within a "zone" they still can not be forceably subjected to a community trust, particularly if it is a charitable trust yet taxes the people who are the beneficiaries)...




EQUITABLE Pose against fettering


One can do 1 of 2 things in equity. One can sue the trustee for breach (for acting outside of powers as Executor de son tort or fault for willful neglect etc.) OR; one can "elect" to follow the res/property::

Following the "res/property" one is lead to the Chief Financial Officers: 

In these matters; specifically relating to the financial obligations; we believe that to be the Supreme Court of the United States operated by fiduciaries under Congressional and other possible appointments such as; United States Department of Jusice - Attorney General; Secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury; Internal Revenue Service commissioner or otherwise:

In so doing; these articles are to operate as a Bill in Equity with pure equity in nature or as near as may be whether that be by use of subrogation; set-off; dis-charge; Bill of Exchange; receivership; return of marketable titles or any other article, for creation of remedy and further relief so as to effect cure to be whole as absolute, superior, special, private holder in due course of the res property from all cosureties with all lawful considerations for special deposit in a private escrow holding until Final Rule of this Bill is enacted::

Reason: Variance of law... Fettering of legacy inheritance... A Private Trust matter of all real and personal effects of live estate...

A trust does not fail for want of trustee:
A beneficiary may collapse (terminate) a trust:



  Value of exchange:

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