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Hiring an attorney proves one is incompetent

Ye already have counsel - ask and ye shall receive:

FAIR USE - "FRANK vs God"...

Please also listen to; The Casting Crowns: Voice of Truth: Link

Jacobs Ladder:

It is our belief that we are all on the same journey: This is our view of the scriptures we use to guide us and we have good faith that you can use these viewpoints to enhance your own journey in this world to ascend daily: 

Link - Jacobs' Ladder

Link - Living in the Spirit

Link - The Key is In the Name

Link - David and Goliath


My blog...

Exodus Journal of research:

Ministering the gospel to all creatures...   Link

My word is MY Bond... Link

The Public Education System is the wrong path... Link

Homeless... LOL... Link 

Battle of the forms... Link

Demilitarization... Link

The Spell of Illness... Link

Destroying the Birth Certificate from A to Z... Link

Driver License requires an oath of office... Link

Driver License in Lieu of Bail... Link

Automobile manufacturer - get it... Link

Traffic citation - certification is flase... Link

Quit crying about your rights... Link

Walk with me in Proverbs... Link


Capabilities and responsibilities:

When it comes to what one thinks they know it always leads to what they do NOT know: 
What is in your heart though...?

Homemade Postage Stamps... Link

Calling all captains... Link 

Capacity of ones foundation... Link
[No respecter of persons]

Foreign Trade Zones - Resident... Link

What should one use for; "signature"... Link

How are you going to leave your mark... Link

Realize who ewe are not... Link


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